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jackpot candy crush

5. Apr. Also meine Mutter spielt das Spiel schon echt lange und ist Level und hat schon gut Geld investiert aber hat noch nie den Jackpot gewonnen.. ich glaube. Febr. Was steckt hinter dem Candy Crush Jackpot? An dieser Stelle kommt der Candy Crush Jackpot ins Spiel: Er schaltet jede Menge der aus. das beruhigt mich! Das Rad wird immer sehr erstaunlich schneller oder langsamer, wenn es nah an den Jackpot kommt.

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Ich habe bei Facebook nur 2 Kontakte und die habe ich auch nur, weil die kein WhatsApp haben Wenn du ein gestreiftes Bonbon und eine Farbbombe nebeneinander hast, kannst du alle Bonbons, die die Farbe des gestreiften Bonbons haben, in gestreifte Bonbons mit wahllosen Streifen verwandeln. Und ich hab langsam echt keine Lust mehr. Diese Seite wurde bisher 1. Wenn es sie gibt, können sie auch mit beliebigen anderen Boostern aus Schritt 2 kombiniert werden. Startseite Forum Foren durchsuchen Themen mit aktuellen Beiträgen.

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PORTOMASO LIVE ROULETTE 1 CASINO Zu den Boostern gehören Extrazüge, mit denen e casino online zusätzliche Züge für das Lösen Beste Spielothek in Neubrambach finden Level hat oder aber auch Booster mit denen man direkt einzelne Bonbons oder Schokolade von Posh Pets Slot - Play Now with No Downloads Spielfeld entfernen kann. Hat jemand von euch schon mal den Jackpot bei Candy Crush gewonnen xD? Frage von kantare Ich habe schon alles probiert, hat da vielleicht wer ne Lösung? Kann mir irgendjemand sagen, warum das ausgerechnet bei Candy crush nicht klappt? Frage von Beste Spielothek in Degenershausen finden Handywechsel - Candy crush: Sehr hilfreich bei mach letztem Zug. Sehr hilfreich bei mach letztem Zug.
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It is offensive or harmful. Jodi Haldeman Three months ago. Could not believe it! I won the sc freiburg gegen bayern münchen twice, god for me. You find me some screenshot winners I'll find you some liars. Edited by BarrsCurlingIron I won the jackpot today but didn't receive anything Sure do wish for it when playing level Jackpot candy crush to really get excited about. A good tactic is to save your jelly eating fish until last, so they can go zwanzig euro schein the jellies that were too hard to reach on your own. It's like trying to win the Powerball or Mega Millions. I'm at level and have never won jackpot. Dear Cezdiamond, We do understand that it's only a game and the wheel is just an added bonus. This has happened to me both times I Beste Spielothek in Culmberg finden o the jackpot!!

Jelly fish are so obsessed with eating jelly that they will actually plough right through a block of icing to get to it.

Do not ignore these as they have the ability to crush greater amounts of candies than regular matches. To create a striped candy you need to match four regular candies.

You can then use the striped candy in a future move as the third match or more. For example you can match two blue candies, with a blue striped candy.

When you use the striped candy it will crush the entire line! To create a wrapped candy you need match five regular candies in an L or T shape.

To create a multi-colored bomb, you will need to match five regular candies in a line. When you use a multi-colored bomb it will crush all the candies of the same color!

To truly dominate a level try combining two special candies in one move, to create the biggest crushes in the game. These change color after each move, and can be used when matching regular candies.

If you can foresee the color change they can become quite effective. For the budding Candy Crush strategist you can make striped candies activate the direction you want, by creating them in that direction.

To be successful on difficult timed levels you need to master the art of adding extra time. This is no easy feat, but you increase your odds by clearing the board from the bottom, causing a cascade of combos if done correctly.

Completing a level with moves left over will create special candies that will help crush the remaining parts of the board.

Therefore this will usually result in a higher score. On a jelly level you will get extra jelly fish, and on other levels you will be given striped candy.

If you are willing spend money there are several boosters you can purchase within the game that give you an extra edge. You can buy more moves, extra jelly fish, extra striped candies, and much more.

Some of these will be applied as soon as you start a level, while others can be selected when you want to use them. Once used you will have to make another purchase to use them again.

I didn't really keep tabs on my inventory before I hit the jackpot but I noticed a sizable increase. I have spun almost every day since the wheel was introduced what, a year ago?

I won the jackpot but didn't received anything I won the jackpot today!!! I am on level and spin the wheel every day. It stopped on jackpot, and then all of the bonuses showed up!

I think I'm in the same boat as everyone else; I've played Candy Crush for years now and have yet to hit the Jackpot.

I've tried hitting the stop button in almost every single spot imaginable, yet the wheel either stops right before, or barely ticks over and out of the Jackpot.

It's rigged, no doubt about it. And for King to say that it's "rare to hit the Jackpot" is a lie, rare is winning the lottery, hitting the Jackpot is like seeing a unicorn.

I am on level and have never won the jack pot. It is obviously rigged. I've spun it over times. Odds should be 8: No one is that unlucky.

Today I won the jackpot for the first time. I am at level so have been playing this for a long I've landed on the Jackpot twice now according to the visual wheel flapper, but it's awarded me the Coconut Wheel next to it both times.

That's how I know it's rigged. I'm on , I just won the jackpot for the first time last week. It was kind of anticlimactic I just wan it.

Been playing for years. Complained like everyone else. Well I hit it today. If you expected to get a huge prize forget it and accept it as any other space with extra rather than the lotto.

And no, I never spent a dime on this game. We do understand that it's only a game and the wheel is just an added bonus.

However, it's implied that with 8 spots on the wheel of equal area, that the chances of winning each spot is 1 in 8 I'd like to understand a gaming commissions opinion of this situation.

Level , I spin the wheel every day and never a jackpot yet. I've also noticed the fish prize comes up more often than any other prize.

It's funny when it slows up I also agree that the featured answer is fake. The ability to take the screen shot would have long been gone after she won and then told her friends.

For this scenario to be true she would have had to win, exit the app without moving forward within the candy crush app , tell her friends, wait for them to call her a liar, return to the app, take a screen shot supposing the screen still displayed her winnings , and send it to said friends.

The likelihood of those events happening in that order are slim and none If she actually won it's much more likely that she would have just moved on within the game.

Had she said she took a screen shot when she won because she knew no one would believe her I would be a little more likely to believe it.

But the above stated reasoning compounded by the other glaring fact that no one else has won including myself leads me to believe it's fake and also improbable and perhaps impossible.

Let me also point out three other things. The "wish I had got the real lottery though hehehe" is silly and unnecessary which makes it more fishy of a response, almost as fishy as the clear and concise English she uses even though her app is in Finnish?

Not sure of the language. Though to contradict my own point, to be fair, most Finns speak English fairly well. And last how is it that this is the "Correct Answer" when clearly no one else has won or given the same answer?

I can't believe I've written this much about a stupid game Trump is president, flat earthers exist, and I blog about candy crush Get rid of the jackpot or at least let everyone be able to hit once every few months.

There's a 1 in 8 chance If it's not rigged to hit it. I've spun it over times over the years. With a 1 in 8 chance, I should have hit it 75 times if it's not rigged.

Why try reward people with something that makes people feel cheated. Come on Candy Crush God's, give us some answers. I have been playing Candy Crush for 5 yrs and I have never once won the jackpot on the wheel.

I feel like this entire game is rigged. You win when you guys decide we win, passing a level the same way. I have decided to stop playing because of this reason.

It's the "dangle the carrot" in front of you. On to more honest games. My theory is that if you spend stupid amounts of real money on a regular basis, then you'll eventually be awarded the jackpot.

I've spun the wheel almost every day for over 2 years now. I've won the jackpot once. Couldn't believe it when it happened, but it did.

Not very impressive winnings, but hey, it's still cool when it lands there. I am at level and I have won twice now - once on mobile like a year ago and once just last week on the computer.

I guess I feel super lucky! It gets close and speeds up past it. Want to really voice my opinion. I'm on level and have never won the jackpot.

It's kind of frustrating to see the wheel stop abruptly in front of the jackpot or speed right by it.

It's clearly rigged, so please just get rid of the slot. Spin it everyday, have never hit it yet. If it looks like I might the spinner jumps a little to make sure I don't hit it.

I do not believe anyone who claims to have hit the jackpot, whether they played for 2 months or 2 years. It should be 1: There is nothing on the wheel that would suggest its harder to win than any other prize.

I am at level and I never got the jackpot. I must have spun it s of times. Today I thought I would get it for the first time, I was sure of it.

But as it was getting there it slowed down and stopped on the previous one. I'm on never won and it is obvious if you come close it stops suddenly or speeds up.

Level and had level 7?? In the night side before it was done away with, so 3 years maybe without a jackpot. The wheel will slow down or speed up to keep this from happening.

And I think I know why. I've been playing for years with no jackpot luck. I got a new kindle and although i was able to keep my progress i lost ALL of my power-ups.

It sucked because I had over of every one. Anyway, carrying on with no powerups made the game a bit more difficult. I think it was the third time on the new device when I spun the wheel i hit the jackpot and received 3 or maybe 5 - i don't remember of everything.

My theory is that the odds of hitting the jackpot are much higher if you don't have any power-ups. But when im close to win it stops before or after the jackpot.

Yes it is totally rigged. I agree with the earlier comments Never hit it once and it does seem like it speeds up and slows down to miss it.

But I finally hit it yesterday. Level and have never won the jackpot. Oh, and I do buy the gold bars when the piggy bank fills.

Nothing to really get excited about. I complained before getting the first time see my previous post above. Then I got it but was disappointed with the prize.

Thought it might give more than a few extra items. Just accept that you get something for free each day.

Two when you include the daily calander one. I have been playing for three years. I got up to level 2, or something before finding the games too hard and not fun.

And so I decided to go back to the beginning and restart. Now I'm at level I don't know why they have it. If I ever did land on it I'd take it as a sign of god.

I played ayear ago on my , Never won the jackpot. I have asked the same question.. I am on level The odds of winning the jackpot?

With those odds I better not go to Vegas!!! The odd thing though.. I win all the time on the real slot machines..

I finally won it today. I thought the jackpot was fake. You get one of 7 different boosters. I took a screenshot.

Welcome to King Care King Care is the home of our worldwide community of players. You can get help by asking the community, or pay it forward by answering questions yourself.

Explore the community Connect with fellow King fans to talk about your favourite games and more! Check out our new site! Sumerbrooke90 Asked three years ago Edited three years ago by moderator.

This question has duplicates: Does anyone ever win the Jackpot? How can I get the jackpot easily in lucky draw? Has anyone ever gotten a jackpot on the spinning prize wheel or is it rigged?

Daily bonus Daily Spin Is the daily wheel fixed? Thank you for the daily Bonus but I can't be this unlucky! Has anyone ever won the jackpot in the daily spin?

About the "daily spin" I am on level , have I'm sure I've spun daily, since you started the spin has anyone ever won the jackpot?

I am on level , been playing for yrs.. Daily free booster wheel question!! Daily spinning wheel That Daily Booster Wheel Passed level and never hit the jackpot on the wheel.

Bonus wheel Mission impossible jackpot spin is a fairy tail I have played for years and never hit it nor has any one I know Why does King continue to cheat on the candy crush booster wheel?

Jackpot Daily drop why can't I win jackpot? I never got awarded when I landed on jackpot. I even took a snapshot No rewards after hitting Jackpot on the wheel Any plans to make the bonus wheel actually fair?

Jackpot Spinner I'm on level 1, How is it possible that I have to win a jackpot? I won the candy crush saga jackpot and got no rewards after claiming the prize!

Why did this happen? The daily bonus spin really seems rigged. Jenkka Three years ago. Type your answer here.

Three years ago 17 Comments. Something not quite right with your answer you say "My friends wouldn't believe me so I took a screenshot for them" how did you manage to do that?

Kevin Jenkins Three years ago. It wouldn't be something I'd instantly click away myself. I've gotten the Jackpot twice.

The reward is three each of 3 boosters, I think. I'm on Level , spin pretty much every day. Never spent a cent on this game, so it isn't related to how much money you've given them.

It is just very rare I'm guessing 1: This is so f'd up It just happened to me. I was hoping I would at least get some lives, but nothing.

I was so excited. This just happened to me this morning! Took a screenshot of it and am waiting for a reply from King. I just hit the jackpot and nothing happened on the main screen but when I clicked the next level I had like 17 of everything I never hit the jackpot before, but has everyone checked their booster supply in case it has updated since you won?

I've been playing for a week. I'm on level Is it that difficult to give players certain bonus,say extra five lives? If you look at the code at the end of the different names, you'll see that they sre different users.

Samething happened to me, hit 1 time in levels, and got squat. Sign In Don't have an account? The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off.

Ein Geleefisch ist ein Spezial-Bonbon, das nicht durch einen Zug erzeugt werden kann. Spiele Server Games Internet candy crush. Besucher kamen mit folgenden Begriffen auf unsere Seite: Hat den je einer bekommen? Hat jemand von euch mal den Jackpot geknackt oder ist das nur Casino baumberg Auch musste ich keine FB-Freunde fragen, um die nächste Elektronische überweisung dauer freizuschalten. Warum ist der hintergrund von candy crush auf dem tablet schwarz? Was soll die Frage, freu dich doch. Kombiniere zwei gestreifte Bonbons. Nach Update kann ich nur noch Freunde bei Facebook fragen oder bezahlen. Seit gestern Abend kann ich mich nicht mehr Facebook verbinden. Bin nicht verbunden bei Facebook. Candy Crush Spielstand gelöscht! Ich spiele seit mehreren Jahren und bin auch über Level , und habe noch nie den Jackpot bekommen. Ich freue mich über jede Antwort!!! Candy Crush Saga angehalten. Verbinden Sie vier Bonbons, können Sie eine ganze Reihe entfernen, bei fünf Bonbons lässt sich eine Farbe komplett vom Spielfeld löschen. Mitglieder in diesem Forum: Wenn man bei Candy Crush gewisse Bonbons kombiniert könenn 3 verschiedene Spezialbonbons auftreten: Ich bekomme sogar immer noch einen Booster geschenkt. Jetzt steht da immer, wenn ich mich mit Facebook verbinden möchte, dass keine Verbindung möglich ist.

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Besucher kamen mit folgenden Begriffen auf unsere Seite: Wenn du ihn als Teil einer Kombination einsetzt, verwandelt er sich in ein anderes Spezial-Bonbon. Frage von moe Spieltag hat das auch funktioniert aber seit dem kriege ich nur noch die Meldung "Komme später noch mal wieder Und ich hab langsam echt keine Lust mehr. Hat jemand anderes, der Candy Crush spielt, das vieleicht auch. They're turned into monsters in order to kill other monsters. Hattet ihr schonmal ein ähnliches Problem falls jemand auch spielt und wenn ja wie habt ihr es gelöst??? Wenn ich die verbindung trenne und wieder neu aufbau steht da sie haben candy crush bereits autorisiert. This just happened to me this morning! Never hit it once and it does seem like it speeds up and slows down to miss it. You should see a little icon under the lives square that looks like a wheel. Centurio whole b-tree is fked, i also had this once. I'm waiting for the update after clearing levellast year i hit the jackpot twice in two weeks. That will put me out of the running. Jordan Fisher One year ago. I won the jackpot on the candy crush wheel today but nothing happened? I do agree that the jackpot is a bummer though. I still haven't Beste Spielothek in Sophiendorf finden the Jackpot! It seemed to reward jackpot candy crush 4 of every booster. Surely you figured that out by now? Hatte noch nie den Who is casino based on. Sie ist Level und mega sauer auf mich Kostenlos spielen fußball ich mir fast gedacht, nachdem ich die ersten fünfzig mit drei Sternen gemacht habe und nix passiert ist. Kosten Goldbarren candy crush. Ich hänge nun schon seit einer Woche bei Level Ist da jemand kurz vorher oder dahinter und kann mir ein Savegame schicken? Ich glaube sogar, dass genau das Item erscheint, was du für den aktuellen Auftrag in dem Level benötigst, falls es einer der "mache X Kombos" ist. Verbinden Sie vier Bonbons, können Sie eine ganze Reihe entfernen, bei fünf Bonbons lässt sich eine Farbe komplett vom Spielfeld löschen. Wenn ich diese Leben dann akzeptiere gehen sie verloren. Meine Frage ist ob man überhaupt Star Trek Against All Odds Slot – Free to Play Game by IGT das Feld Jackpot drauf kommen kann.

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